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One stroke coast

Tomoyuki Natsume

Zagga is a waterlogged, landless blue planet. However, when viewed from the outside, exactly half of it is covered by a gray artificial continent, like a rattling capsule. Its size is slightly smaller than Earth. Just a little bit. When war broke out 300 years ago, a base was built to procure water resources, and it grew to its current size in just 15 years. The battles at that time were so fierce. Since water was needed anyway, the base expanded rapidly. Apparently they made a lot of money from the war demand. Despite the harsh working conditions, 3.3 billion people migrated from all over the world to work there. It is said that for 130 years, until a substance that could be replaced with water was discovered, everyone on this planet was wealthy and lived like a family. It may be hard to believe, but it seems like it's true. I read it in a book.

After the victory in the Battle of Rekalan, we, the 16th Unit, received a 72-hour vacation for the first time in a long time. However, there aren't any places in this star area where they can refresh themselves, so most of the combatants spend their time at nearby stations. Maybe I'll see a movie too. Sachiko, Mika, and I rented a shuttle and came to Zagga. Let's go to a place where no one else goes and get excited when we drink. And now, the coastline. There are almost no waves. If you look to your right, you'll see a straight line of water. If you look to your left, you'll see a straight line of water. If you look ahead, you'll see water. When I looked back, it was gray. The flat supply ground stretches for several kilometers. There are holes here and there on the flat ground. A tower in the distance. Farther away, what looks like a wall is the remains of a 400-story residential area.

Sachiko unfolded a parasol with a Dorofour color scheme and stuck it into the iron ground. As expected, the team's greatest strength. Mika spread a sheet under it, opened the lunch box, and said, ``Wow, it's a sandwich.'' I joined in and ate it too. delicious. When I said, ``I remember it,'' Mika asked, ``Where?'' Sachiko seemed to have said ``swimming,'' but the sandwich was still covering her mouth, so I had no idea what she said until she stood up, took off her shoes, and started running. The sound of kicking the iron plate feels good. Can-can-can-can-can. Doppan. "It's lukewarm!!" I don't know if it's because of the metal earth, or because this planet's rotation is extremely slow and the days are long, but the ocean seems warm. Laughing, Mika, who was on my right, sat up straight and quickly reached out to my left to pick up the shoes that Sachiko had taken off. I put my hands on my head and laid down, thinking that was a good thing. Sky. wide. "by the way". Mika started speaking. ``Shoes always have their toes pointing towards their destination. They are always one step ahead in the direction they want to go, staring at their destination and waiting. That's why they never make eye contact with their shoes. They match. If that's the case, it's probably when I'm shopping. But when I'm going to the beach, it's different. I take off my shoes as I go to my destination. Then, when I come back from the beach, my eyes meet yours."

Sachiko is back. He has a fish in his hand. It's flatfish. "My grandpa is a fisherman." I was surprised at how skillfully he cut it with the knife he was carrying. I walked around looking for a griddle that looked like it would cook well. I baked it and ate it.

Natsume Tomoyuki Natsume Tomoyuki
Musician and collage artist from Urayasu. He led the band Siamese Cats until 2020, and after disbanding, he started his solo project Summer Eye in 2022 and released songs such as "Life" and "Student". He is also active in a wide range of other fields, including film criticism and DJing.

Photo: Hiroshi Nakamura