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dream of feet

Natsumi Aoyagi

My legs are my feet, and when I think of my feet as a part of my mind, the word "heart" comes with the word "heart," but in my case, thinking is processed by the brain. the feet are thinking

My feet are tired of walking. The warmth in my ankles and the ingrown toenails answer the complicated multiple-choice questions of the automatic ticket vending machine with ease. Through the gaps opened for ventilation, I can feel the breeze that I had only felt from the car window until now. I try to think of a dream in which my legs are supporting my body even while I'm in it, but...

When I sit on a train and sit in a seat, I see the feet of the person sitting in front of me.I look down so I don't make eye contact with the person in front of me, so my eyes are aligned with their feet.My feet are pointing toward my feet.As I move, I see the feet of the person sitting in front of me. While I'm not moving, my feet are thinking.When I bow my head more, I can see my feet.When I look at my feet, I can see what I'm thinking.At night, I try to dream.

The reason I no longer noticed that my body was heavy was because the scale was invented, and when I stepped on it, I became a number.The tip of the scale, which weighed kilograms, touched the metal that stood on the ground as a number, not as a weight. There were two bars that supported the numbers.

When you get into bed, your feet are freed from the numerical value of weight and you can think.

What the feet think is called a dream.The dreams that the feet see are the reality that they see through while supporting the body while moving.

I learned that insects have six legs in pairs of three, but adult butterflies have four legs.I took for granted that butterflies actually had four legs, but it was true. Butterflies simply keep their front legs tucked away so well that the two hidden legs have become a reality within me, never being found, so both butterflies and animals have the legs of two people. So there are four spiders and three insects.

I got onto the bus while still riding my bike, and my body bounced off the water as I landed on land.When I finished counting my wet feet, six legs had grown out.

When I got off the bus, my feet looked out into the distance at the park by the sea.My feet had no sight or hearing, but they had a body, and they had hands and noses, and I was hungry.There was a hole in the rocky place in the distance.The hole was empty. So, only the waves were moving.You could see the tail fins, and there were dolphins, and sea dragons roared on the ocean floor.The nature center where sea dragons moved in and out of the waves felt comfortable and inviting.As you approached the hole, there was a glass wall, so you could get as close as you wanted. When there were more than nine legs in the waves that could never get close
An announcement saying "Follow me screen" is played. Small crabs are crawling in the bucket at your feet and eating each other's legs.

body flows

A certain lake was located in a remote area far away from any water source, but because of this, there was a town on the western edge of the lake where people could live, and if you look at the statistics of the people living in and out of the town, it is said that the water level of the lake will change according to the rise and fall.

When we looked into the amount of water that this lake came from, we found that the amount of water contained in the bodies of the people in the city matched exactly with the amount of water in the lake.

The feet knew that what the feet supported was liquid.Liquids move, so the feet continued to support the liquid while it was moving.

The calm surface of the lake makes waves as the townspeople wander from place to place, which is the source of the lake's water.

Harajuku Station is a detour station for Awajicho, and access is difficult, so I gave up on climbing the almost precipitous one-way slope and tried to walk to another station, but I was stopped at the bottom of the slope.When I turned around, I saw a figure standing there with waves. It wasn't him, it wasn't him, it wasn't going, it was the waves that I saw from the hole,
When I opened the file he gave me, I found that the living things were grouped by number of legs.I was curious as to what had the most number of legs, so I opened the next page and found that most of them were plants.

I dreamed that the waves living in the nature center sometimes stayed there, and other times they walked along with my feet.

Natsumi Aoyagi Natsumi Aoyagi
Born in Tokyo in 1990. When observing the growth process of everything from certain insects to familiar people, plants, and landscapes, how is it possible to express them without being restricted by recording media or specific media? Through repeated research and fieldwork, I am working on ways to make the viewers experience what they see as it is, and how to make the audience aware of the impossibility of doing so. In 2016, completed the Department of Media and Film, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. Recent activities include the solo exhibition “The Lost Ship” (Towada City Museum of Contemporary Art, 2022), the exhibition “New Worlds” (M5 GALLERY, 2022) sponsored by the NMWA Japan Committee, and the online project “TWO PRIVATE ROOMS – Round-trip reading” (2020- (ongoing), 10th Yebisu Film Festival (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2018), etc. Won the 28th Nakahara Chuya Prize for the poetry collection “Stop Sodatsuno” (2022). Organized by Kohonya honkbooks.

Photo: Hiroshi Nakamura