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A special blueover order event will be held again this year!

In addition to last year's PHOLUS , this year's order event will also feature marco! Normally marco is made using the Mackay method, but for this order event, it will be delivered using the same Goodyear method as PHOLUS.

I will introduce each item in detail, but the upper leather is available in 3 colors from Horween Chrome Excel, and the sole is available in 2 types (3 colors): Dainite or Vibram. You can freely combine them.

<Event Overview>

  • Held at WEB store (this page) and directly managed store STRACT
  • Order period: 12/9 (Thursday) - 12/26 (Sunday)
  • Price: 55,000 yen (tax included) both models
  • Delivery: Scheduled for spring to summer 2022
    *Subject to change depending on when the leather is imported.

See product

< Two models to choose from: PHOLUS and marco>

Both have a blue over original shoe shape that incorporates the silhouette of men's shoes, a slightly longer toe, and a sharp last with a narrowed waist. The last is designed to enhance the shape of the shoe. Although they have the structure of men's shoes, they incorporate the structure of sneakers in terms of fit and comfort. The treated sole uses Vibram to provide cushioning performance and a flexible sole unit, and 5mm sponge is inserted into the collar and tongue to reduce chafing and fatigue. The cup insole is made of steer leather, giving it a luxurious feel while providing a light and comfortable feel.

▲PHOLUS (Upper: Chrome Excel Red Brown x Sole: Dainite)

▲marco (Upper: Chrome Excel Nuts x Sole: Vibram #2021)

<Goodyear welt manufacturing method>

The Goodyear manufacturing method is known for being used in high-end men's shoes. Two types of bottom stitching are required by machine: ``pinch stitches'' and ``sewn stitches.'' When repairing the sole, undoing the bottom stitches will not affect the upper. This means that the sole can be replaced without touching the blind stitched part. It can also be used for a long time. The cork and felt stuffed into the gaps between the insole, welt, and outsole, as well as the thick leather insole and sole, slowly sink in and adapt to the wearer's feet.

There are very few factories in Japan that can perform this manufacturing method using machines, and only a few major manufacturers do this. At Blueover, machines that had been in operation in the past were put back into operation, and the craftsman's enthusiasm and skills made this possible. Please take a look at the strong yet uniform stitch lines of the machine-made Goodyear welted construction.

<Horwin Chrome Excel>

The upper leather is Horween Chrome Excel, and you can choose from the colors selected here. In addition to black and red brown, a new color nut has been added, so you can choose from three colors.

Oil leather that has been hand tanned for over 100 years. The original characteristic oil is carefully soaked into the leather, and the high oil content creates a unique atmosphere that cannot be compared to other leathers. All are made of steer leather, which is thick and rough, yet has a glossy and elegant impression. It is one of the popular leathers in Japan that is used in many famous brand leathers.

<Two types of soles to choose from>

The soles are available in Dainite and Vibram. This is my first time using VIBRAM#2021 , which is often used in boots and has high cushioning performance.

◆Dai Night Sole

die night sole 

Die night soles are a staple of formal shoes.
Rubber soles from Halboro Rubber Co., Ltd. in England, with a design that has remained unchanged for 100 years and a dressy atmosphere. Finished with the look of leather shoes with heels, they were the most popular at the last order event and will continue this time as well.


vibram sole 

VIBRAM#2021 used for the first time. This product number is widely used in both boots and business shoes, both domestically and internationally. You can choose the color black/brown/beige. This boat-shaped sole is made of EVA blended with rubber and can be expected to provide high cushioning. Although it is thick, it is lightweight and soft material that reduces the impact on your feet.

<Size adjustment also>

The insole uses a cup insole.

When you receive the shoes, if you are not used to the leather and feel uncomfortable or the height of the instep does not match, please try removing the cup insole first. There is no cup insole, so there is more room and a comfortable fit.

A leather half insole is already attached under the cup insole, so you can wear it with confidence even without a cup insole. The part marked "b." in the photo is a half insole.

If you wear the shoe for a while with the cup insole removed, and the leather becomes accustomed to the shoe and the shoe becomes loose and you can move your foot inside the shoe, please put the cup insole back in. You can enjoy a comfortable fit again.

<24 ways to choose>

A total of 24 customizations are possible by combining the model, leather, and sole.

On the item details page, you can select and simulate the upper and sole, so please take a look.

Available in 4 sizes: 24.5cm/25.5cm/26.5cm/27.5cm. You will receive two blueover original shoe bags as a gift. We will put each foot in a shoe bag and hand it over to you.

The period is one week longer than last time. Make sure to get a pair of your own.


If you have any questions regarding orders, please contact us below.
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PHOLUS and marco order meeting

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