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marco black

Sale price¥36,300

Sneakers that can be worn both on and off. The silhouette resembles men's shoes with a sharp Chiron last. McKay's manufacturing method and uniquely designed sole unit create a lightweight feel. The upper is made of semi-permanent waterproof leather that was developed in collaboration with a long-established tanner and maintains the original look of the leather.


Chiron last [D]: Slightly thinBased on the Mikey last, it incorporates the silhouette of men's shoes, giving it a sharp and formal impression. [Wise D]. If the size of sneakers you usually wear is between 26.5 and 27.0cm, we recommend <27.5cm>.

  • Material: Steer (waterproof), Steer, EVA, vibram (#8338)
  • Manufacturing method: Mackay
  • Manufacturing processing: Upper sewing, sole processing, shoemaking, made in Japan
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marco black
marco black Sale price¥36,300

ABOUT " marco black "

Full satisfaction for both business and casual wear

Marco can be matched with both business and casual styles, aiming for 100% comfort in both situations. The last design, tailored to Japanese people, is not too tight, but provides a secure fit at the instep, and the toe is long for a formal look. The cushioned sole unit has the feel of a sneaker, so you won't get tired even if you wear it for long periods of time.

Original sneakers filled with ideas from craftsmen

The upper uses waterproof leather with a high quality texture created with a long-established tanner, the sole uses the Mackay manufacturing method that allows it to be replaced even if it gets scratched, and we have also developed a unique sole unit that does not leave any visible marks even if it is replaced. The outsole uses VIBRAM (#8338), which is made by the Italian company Vibram and has cushioning properties, to provide a soft walking comfort. The materials and parts are the result of a long period of time, each person bringing their ideas together, and making many prototypes. The result is a pair of shoes with a look like no other.

Semi-permanent waterproof leather with waterproof effect

Made with long-lasting, waterproof genuine leather that has been created with a long-established tanner who has been making leather for men's shoes for many years. Although it is waterproof leather, it has the feel of high-quality leather. You can enjoy growing it with the same care as regular leather. It has functionality that suits today's working styles and can handle sudden heavy rain.

Unique sole structure that maintains beauty

Marco's soles have hidden specialties. A part called "Ainaka" is sewn together with the upper body using Mackay, and a unique sole unit is attached to it. This sole unit has a mortar-shaped adhesive cross section and is designed to fit into the "Ainaka". As a result, even if the sole is replaced multiple times, there will be no replacement marks left around the sole, allowing it to maintain its beautiful appearance forever. Therefore, the sole unit can be replaced many times, making it possible to continue wearing the shoes for a long time.

Wear it for a long time. Selection of parts with particular attention to this

The lining (inner lining of the shoe) is made of top coated cowhide. Cow is highly durable and has excellent breathability and moisture absorption. Because shoes can be worn for a long time, each component must have high durability. In addition, the top coat finish is stain resistant and gives it a formal look typical of men's shoes.

About the material

At blueover, we procure and produce domestically as much as possible for materials and manufacturing processes.

part Main material Main production areas
upper velor, smooth Himeji
lining Raised pork, beef steer Himeji
insole EVA Hyogo
shoe laces cotton flat string Shizuoka
midsole EVA Nagata
outsole rubber Nagata
Sewing/Processing/Shoemaking - Nara, Nagata, Himeji