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Marceau sandals are made entirely of calf leather.

Marceau, a hybrid model that combines the best features of setta and sandals, was produced by Yukimitou, a setta brand in Nara Prefecture. Although there is often a system of division of labor, this brand has been created throughout the company.

The ``hanao,'' which correspond to the feet, has a core material in the center and cotton surrounding it, making it so that it won't hurt even if you wear it for a long time. Thongs have a unique structure and can only be made by hand, making it a very time-consuming process.

The part called the "ten" (also called the gauge in shoes) where the thong is attached is shaped like an oval on regular setta, but this gauge uses the gauge of the sandals used by blueover. There is. The inside of the shoe is designed with low-resilience urethane sandwiched between them, creating a "soft" fit when you put your feet in. (Jute model is not equipped). The sole is dropless with no sloped plate, and the design features a 10mm shark sole seat, aiming for a sandal-like appearance.

The leather we use is one that has been stored in a warehouse without being purchased by the tanner due to the supplier's inspection standards, color blurring, and other reasons, and there are no quality problems. Among these, we use calf leather (skin from calves less than 6 months old, with a fine surface and few scratches), which is used in high-end shoes.

Marceau Sale price$120.00

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ABOUT " Marceau "

Setta made using traditional methods

The thongs are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. When putting your feet in, grasp and spread the thong to adjust the fit. The thong has a core material and cotton around it, making it extremely comfortable for your feet.

Two brands that resonate

The setta maker Marusune, with whom we collaborated, has been selling setta for half a century. While there are many issues similar to those faced by the shoe industry, we have created a consistent in-house workshop to pass on Japan's setta culture. This collaboration was realized because we sympathized with their approach and philosophy. We aimed to create the most comfortable setta that takes advantage of each other's strengths.

A hybrid of setta and sandals

The thong is a setta, but the outsole is a 10mm thick shark sole, and the bottom gauge is designed to resemble a sandal. Setta sandals have the comfort of setta sandals and the appearance of sandals.

Luxurious setta made entirely of calf leather

There is no problem with the quality of this leather, and we use leather that is no longer used due to color blurring. We are reusing leather that is sitting in a tanner's warehouse. (Leather model only)

About the material

At blueover, we procure and produce domestically as much as possible for materials and manufacturing processes.

part Main material Main production areas
upper velor, smooth Himeji
lining Raised pork, beef steer Himeji
insole EVA Hyogo
shoe laces cotton flat string Shizuoka
midsole EVA Nagata
outsole rubber Nagata
Sewing/Processing/Shoemaking - Nara, Nagata, Himeji