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Collaboration sneakers with Tsukiji Gindako are back!

Well, blueover has decided to team up with "Tsukiji Gindako" again! !

In March of this year, we announced a special collaboration model with Gindako and Mikey. It was really well received by many people.

First introduction page↓

Half a year has passed since then. It has been decided that the second edition will be produced! !

This time, we have a different model from Mikey. We'll have to look forward to seeing what model it's based on on August 8th, but I'll just tell you that it 's a classic model with a new look !

Also, this time, just like last time, we will hold a ``Gift campaign limited to 88 people (with serial number, special specification only for gifts)'' held by lottery on Tsukiji Gindako-sama's Twitter! Details will be announced on the special website on August 8th (Monday) [Silver Day], so please look forward to it!

*This will be a gift campaign on Twitter (please check separately for details)

[Tsukiji Gindako x blueover collaboration overview]

    Collaboration special page:
    *All information will be released around 13:00 on Monday, August 8, 2022 [Silver Day]

    ◆25th Anniversary Special Project Twitter Present Campaign <2nd edition>
    ~ Only 88 people can win “Tsukiji Gindako 25th Anniversary Collaboration Sneakers”! ~
    Application period: August 8, 2022 (Monday) around 13:00 to September 7, 2022 (Wednesday)

    Twitter Tsukiji Gindaco official account: @gindaco_jp
    *If you follow the official Tsukiji Gindako account on Twitter and retweet the post about the campaign posted on August 8th, Gindako Day, 88 people will be entered into a lottery to win collaborative sneakers.
    *The collaboration sneakers presented to the winners will be not for sale and will have a serial number included.
    *When applying, please check the application terms and conditions on the special page in advance, and those who apply will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
    *Applications for the purpose of resale of collaboration sneakers and resale after winning are prohibited for any reason.
    *If it is discovered that the collaboration sneakers are being resold (purpose), we will conduct a strict investigation based on the serial number, and we may stop delivery of the product, recall it, or take other appropriate measures.
    *After the lottery, we will contact the winners via Twitter DM (direct message) and produce them in your desired size.
    *Please note that if you do not fill out the special form within the specified period after contacting us, your winnings will be invalidated (your winnings will also be invalidated if you do not specify your shoe size).
    *Collaboration sneakers are completely made to order, so size changes or exchanges are not possible after ordering.
    *Collaboration sneakers are completely made to order, so it will take several months from winning to manufacturing to delivery.

    About general sale

      Scheduled to be released (made to order) on the blueover online site from August 8th (Monday), which is Gindakono Day. The product for sale is a special version that uses different materials from the gift version. Look forward to it!

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