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About shoe size

[Making blueover shoes]

blueover designs shoes for Japanese feet. However, each foot is different, so our shoes may not be suitable for you. For that reason, please read this article and consider whether it is suitable for your feet.

We consider the shape of Japanese feet to be ``wide, with medium-high insteps,'' and we design our shoes to fit that foot.

The forefoot is designed to be loose and the instep and heel are designed to provide a firm grip so that you won't get tired even when wearing it for long periods of time while standing or walking.

  • We have adopted a ``throw away size'' with a gap between the toes so that your toes can move freely when you wear them.

  • The foot circumference of the instep is [width E], but the instep is made to a standard height.
    * Details about last/width are listed at the bottom.
    *Some models "Marco, Folse" have different lasts. The sense of size is different.

  • The top line and foot width are loose from the base of the little finger to the toes and the ball of the foot.

[About size selection]

Blueover is available in a total of 7 sizes with 1cm pitch: 22.5cm, 23.5cm, 24.5cm, 25.5cm, 26.5cm, 27.5cm , and 28.5cm.

We recommend that you compare the size of your own feet to determine the size of the shoes you choose. Measure your foot size from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel while standing.

Blueover shoes have a wide foot width and ample toe clearance, so if you wear shoes with a narrow foot width, one size smaller may be sufficient. If you are having trouble understanding it yourself, please feel free to contact us.

foot size blueover applicable size
22.5~23 22.5
23.5~24 23.5
24.5~25 24.5
25.5~26 25.5
26.5~27 26.5
27.5~28 27.5
28.5~29 28.5

*Many people choose one size larger for "Marco and Folse" which have different lasts.

[How to match the correct size]

The blueover is designed to be loose in the forefoot. When wearing, please fit your heels together and tie the shoelaces tightly (fixing the instep). If you wear them too loosely, your feet will move inside the shoes, and the fit will not be correct, which can cause fatigue.

[If the size doesn't fit]

blueover allows returns and exchanges if the size does not fit.

Please send an inquiry to blueover for a size exchange within one week of receiving the product. Return the product with [shipping prepaid] within one week of the reply stating the address for returning the product. After confirmation, blueover will send you a replacement size free of charge.

  • Only unused items (which can be tried on indoors) can be exchanged. Even if the sneakers (including the box) are scratched or dirty, we cannot exchange them even if you are trying them on.
  • The one-time free size exchange is only available to those who wish to exchange, so you will be responsible for the shipping costs for returns only.
  • If the size you wish to exchange is out of stock, we will exchange it for a different color at the same price or issue a refund.
  • Exchange shipping charges are limited to one size change.

If you have any concerns or improvements regarding the footwear, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Thank you for your continued support of blueover.

[About Last/Wise]

LAST is something like a mold that is used to wrap and shape the upper when making shoes. The last of blueover is a uniquely designed last created with craftsmen. The last is a very important part of a shoe. The shape of the last of a shoe brand is determined by the type of person it wants to wear. It is an important presence that can be said to be the backbone of the brand.

Width refers to the length measured from the base of the thumb to the base of the little finger (foot circumference). The width notation is determined by JIS standards and is divided into 10 levels: A, B, C, D, E, 2E, 3E, 4E, F, and G. The shoes have a narrow A and a large G.

How to measure the width

  1. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

  2. Measure around the base of your thumb and little finger with a tape measure.

  3. Look at your size column on the size/width table and use the D width and E width as a guide.

*Some people have different foot circumferences on the left and right, so please measure both feet.

<Width table JIS standard (for men/unit: mm)>

foot length A B C D E 2E 3E 4E F G
225 204 210 216 222 228 234 240 246 252 258
230 207 213 219 225 231 237 243 249 255 261
235 210 216 222 228 234 240 246 252 258 264
240 213 219 225 231 237 243 249 255 261 267
245 216 222 228 234 240 246 252 258 264 270
250 219 225 231 237 243 249 255 261 267 273
255 222 228 234 240 246 252 258 264 270 276
260 225 231 237 243 249 255 261 267 273 279
265 228 234 240 246 252 258 264 270 276 282
270 231 237 243 249 255 261 267 273 279 285
275 234 240 246 252 258 264 270 276 282 288
280 237 243 249 255 261 267 273 279 285 291
285 240 246 252 258 264 270 276 282 288 294