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Shoemaker's story #08|About materials

[1800 characters] Kobanashi content. “About the core material for the toes and heels” and “The story of finding the core material”

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Shoemaker's Story #07|About the manufacturing method

[5500 characters] Kobanashi content. "About the popular cemented manufacturing method", "About the light bottom stitching and the Mackay manufacturing method", "About the coveted Goodyear welt manu...

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Shoemaker's story #06|Leather story, part 2

[5000 characters] Kobanashi content. "Waterproof leather, a must-have item for rainy days", "The best things about mixed tanning", "About leather dyeing - dye finishing, pigment finishing, and ever...

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Shoemaker's story #05|Leather story

[6500 characters] Kobanashi content. ``When purchasing leather'', ``Questions about leather'', ``A summary of tanning'', ``Chrome tanning, essential for shoe making'', ``Types of leather - smooth l...

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Shoemaker's Story #04|My sloppy shoe care method

[2500 characters] Short story content. “My sloppy shoe care method” and “Easy to care for velor (brushed leather)”

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Shoemaker's Story #03|Making parts, models, and sizes

[2700 characters] Kobanashi content. “Making the upper”, “Behind the scenes of production ~ Sandals “Fosco2” edition”

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Shoemaker's story #09 | About materials, sole edition

[5000 characters] Short story content. “About insoles”, “About midsoles (Part 1: from a sneaker perspective)”, “About midsoles (Part 2: from a leather shoes perspective)”, “How outsoles are made”

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Shoe store story #02|About the shoe industry

[3000 characters] Kobanashi content. ``Shoe production story'', ``Shoe production flow'', ``You should consult a wooden mold shop for wooden molds''

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Shoemaker's Story #01|About my work

[3700 characters] Contents of Kobanashi. “About my work” “Sometimes your life will change if you try it” “Sewing machines, paper machines and memories of that day” “What I want to be when I grow up”

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Recommended reading for the year-end and New Year holidays

Only a few more days left this year. Whether you're heading home or relaxing at home, we'd like to introduce you to some recommended reading materials to help you get to know blueover a little more...

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