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Blueover designer speaks on radio (full version)

As part of our 11th anniversary project, Blue Over designer Watari and graphic designer Koide appeared as guest speakers on the podcast [Mimi Soba Radio] broadcast by Motoyashiki, a founding member of Blue Over.

In the radio broadcast recorded on April 16, 2022, the day before the 11th anniversary, Watari talks about ``Blue Over's past and future'' three times in total.

To listen, click on the audio media link below. Or you can listen from this page. *Watari's voice is difficult to hear, so we recommend watching with earphones.



◆Part 1 (41 minutes) “Current situation and issues surrounding the shoe industry”

◆About the second part (40 minutes) “Mingei: Possibilities and developments seen in the beauty of no-mind”

◆Part 2 (38 minutes) About “Future Blue Over”

[ear radio]

Two people who were co-workers at a store in Osaka are talking about each other's hobbies and things they like. Liberal Arts!

Born in 1980 in Osaka Prefecture. Direku is the manager of ``struct'', the flagship store and select shop for the domestic sneaker brand blueover and the domestic bag brand WONDER BAGGAGE. I love music, manga, saunas, and comedy.

・Beard base
Born in 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture. Former struct manager. People who do various things related to the Internet and web stores, including design, photography, video, creative planning, etc. I love music, movies, games, ramen, and animals. I run various podcasts.
◆Cover illustration

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Concept deep interview #04|To everyone who wears the shoes

[3000 characters] In the final episode, what kind of people do you want to deliver Blue Over to? I would like to ask Mr. Watari what he wants the people who wear the shoes to feel.

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これからのblueover #01 | 国内生産

Future blueover #01 | Domestic production

A booklet written by a designer about the future of the brand is serialized on the site. 4 times in total.

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