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Blue Over makes shoes with wide insteps that are not too high, tailored to Japanese feet. In order to make standing and walking comfortable and fatigue-free, the forefoot is loose and the instep and heel are designed to be firmly fixed. We aim to create shoes that are simple and durable so that they can be worn for a long time. We aim to continue making shoes that are rooted in the local community, pay homage to Japanese craftsmen, find beauty in a healthy cycle between things and people, and create sneakers on your feet that you will grow attached to as you use them. I will deliver it to you.

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Product list
Product type
NEWマイキー ブラウン ブラックソールマイキー ブラウン ブラックソール
NEWマイキー ブラック ブラックソールマイキー ブラック ブラックソール
NEWマイキー ミッドナイトネイビーマイキー ミッドナイトネイビー
NEWマイキー カナリアイエローマイキー カナリアイエロー
NEWマーク ブラックマーク ブラック
マーク ブラック Sale price¥33,000
NEWマーク ベージュマーク ベージュ
マーク ベージュ Sale price¥33,000
Sold outmarco blackmarco black
marco black Sale price¥33,000
SHV3 RU WhiteSHV3 RU White
SHV3 RU White Sale price¥22,880
Sold outSHV3 RU YellowSHV3 RU Yellow
SHV3 RU Yellow Sale price¥22,880
SHV3 RU BeigeSHV3 RU Beige
SHV3 RU Beige Sale price¥22,880
SHV3 RU GraySHV3 RU Gray
SHV3 RU Gray Sale price¥22,880
Everyone's Mikey CamelEveryone's Mikey Camel
Everyone's Mikey Camel Sale price¥27,500
Sold outEveryone's Mikey NavyEveryone's Mikey Navy
Everyone's Mikey Navy Sale price¥27,500
Everyone's Mikey BlackEveryone's Mikey Black
Everyone's Mikey Black Sale price¥27,500
Everyone's Mikey TaupeEveryone's Mikey Taupe
Everyone's Mikey Taupe Sale price¥27,500
Copoly nylon navyCopoly nylon navy
Copoly nylon navy Sale price¥22,880
Copoly nylon camelCopoly nylon camel
Copoly nylon camel Sale price¥22,880
Copoly nylon blackCopoly nylon black
Copoly nylon black Sale price¥22,880
Copoly nylon whiteCopoly nylon white
Copoly nylon white Sale price¥22,880
Bobbed blackBobbed black
Bobbed black Sale price¥23,980
bob whitebob white
bob white Sale price¥23,980
copoly velor graycopoly velor gray
copoly velor gray Sale price¥22,880
copolyvelor purplecopolyvelor purple
copolyvelor purple Sale price¥22,880
SHV3 500D BeigeSHV3 500D Beige
SHV3 500D Beige Sale price¥25,850
SHV3 500D BlackSHV3 500D Black
SHV3 500D Black Sale price¥25,850
SHV3 500D GraySHV3 500D Gray
SHV3 500D Gray Sale price¥25,850
mikey camelmikey camel
mikey camel Sale price¥22,880
mikey blackmikey black
mikey black Sale price¥22,880
mikey navymikey navy
mikey navy Sale price¥22,880
mikey taupemikey taupe
mikey taupe Sale price¥22,880
shoe treeshoe tree
shoe tree Sale price¥8,800
SHV3 MC WhiteSHV3 MC White
SHV3 MC White Sale price¥33,000
SHV3 MC BlackSHV3 MC Black
SHV3 MC Black Sale price¥33,000
Fosco 2 RUFosco 2 RU
Fosco 2 RU Sale price¥12,650
Fosco 2 velorFosco 2 velor
Fosco 2 velor Sale price¥12,650
Marceau Sale priceFrom ¥15,400
b_OFFICIAL Rib socksb_OFFICIAL Rib socks
b_OFFICIAL Rib socks Sale price¥1,815
Mikey "Look up" BlueMikey "Look up" Blue
Mikey "Look up" Blue Sale price¥22,880
mikey mustardmikey mustard
mikey mustard Sale price¥22,880
b_OFFICIAL Insole + shoelace setb_OFFICIAL Insole + shoelace set
mikey tote mikey tote
mikey tote Sale price¥19,800
Fosco 2Fosco 2
Fosco 2 Sale price¥13,200
b_OFFICIAL Rib socks (cotton)b_OFFICIAL Rib socks (cotton)
Sold outForsFors
Fors Sale price¥46,200