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[First appearance! 】Pop-up of factory brands that we support!

The hot days continue.

Recently, a factory that Blue Over works with has launched a factory brand.


So, we decided to hold a brand launch pop-up at Struct this time, wondering if we could help out a little bit!

The event will be held for three days from July 29th (Friday) to July 31st (Sunday) . You can see the actual product at the Struct store!

The brand named `` Hide Base Project' ' was newly launched by a shoe factory in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture.

What is hide base project?
A handmade brand that expresses itself through handwork and machine work based on the concept of "passing on Japan's disappearing 'manufacturing' to the next generation."
The brand name ``hide base'' refers to a hideout. The idea was to create a place where craftsmen could gather and work freely and freely. In Japan, there are many techniques and manufacturing methods that have remained dormant at the end of their peak and decline, and we believe that their number will continue to increase and then be forgotten. We will once again focus on these techniques and manufacturing methods and pass them on to the next generation. This is the mission of the ``hide base project''.

Vulcanized manufacturing method

Oh my God. This brand uses a vulcanized manufacturing method, which is rare even in Japan . Speaking of vulcanized, you think of All Star and Vans. In Japan, it would be Moonstar, ASAHI, and Nichiman (Spingle Move). In Japan, I imagine that rubber manufacturers invest in equipment and install relatively large vulcanization kettles, so I think OEM is the only option for companies that don't have a lot of capital.


This shoe factory has created a production system in cooperation with a factory that has introduced a small vulcanization pot. Initially, we were approached to produce the product, but due to last-minute issues, we decided not to accept the offer.

By the way, if I explain what vulcanized is...

The vulcanized manufacturing method is a manufacturing method invented by American inventor Charles Goodyear in 1839, in which molded unvulcanized rubber is heated and pressurized using a special pot to bond the upper and sole. . In the past, this was an innovative production method, but recently it has been replaced by the cemented method, which has become a rare method due to poor productivity. However, since the rubber and upper are bonded together by reacting with a vulcanized material, it is extremely durable and there is no need to worry about hydrolysis.

For more details, please refer here...

So, by introducing a small vulcanization pot, it is possible to produce small quantities even with vulcanized products. According to what I hear, it is heated to 130℃ for an hour and then pressurized. Therefore, they can only produce about 7 pairs. (This number is considerably lower than the productivity of cement.)

Production is a method that takes a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, all orders this time are made to order!

This is truly a luxurious order meeting that can only be realized at a factory.

However, when producing in small quantities and using vulcanized products, individual differences may occur. This is considered a problem in mass production, but this brand deliberately considers this individual difference as "individuality".

There is no problem with wearing or using it.

The entire process of the product is carried out at our own factory + a factory in Okayama Prefecture, and is made in collaboration with local factories.

A nostalgic model

    There are two models to be released this time: " Origin-Hi" and "Origin-Lo" . Both designs have a nostalgic feel to them, as if they have been with us in the past and will continue to be with us in the future.

    Isn't the last feeling relatively basic when you put your feet on it? Coupled with the soft leather material, it didn't feel tight. It seems like a pair that will become more familiar to your feet the more you wear them.



    The upper is made of soft, thick tanned leather with a dyed bare finish. The leather allows you to fully enjoy the quality of the material.

    It's good leather.

    The insole is a cork cup insole. Comfortable specifications with moisture absorption around the feet. The outsole uses "Hyper V" which has excellent slip resistance. (There's a rumor that most of the SASUKE finalists were wearing this Hyper V sole!?)

    In addition to the standard white and black, there are a total of 7 colors available: khaki, red, blue, beige, and mustard. All of them are attractive and it's a difficult lineup to decide which one is the best.






    Holding an event through connections through connections

      We would like to hold a pop-up of these factory brands that are working on monozukuri with the same idea. This is because it also goes hand in hand with the brand philosophy.

      In order to preserve the local monozukuri culture, we would like to continue working together in a way that everyone can do their bit to help preserve the local monozukuri culture.

      Since it is a brand that has just started, it is a brand that can only be seen here at Struct at the moment. It will only be held for 3 days, so if you are interested, please feel free to come by.

      【Product Info】

        Model name: Origin-Hi
        Size: 225-230/235-240/245-250/255-260/265-270/275-280
        Color: Black/White/Blue/Red/Khaki/Mustard/Beige
        Price: ¥ 19,800 tax included

        Model name: Origin-Lo
        Size: 225-230/235-240/245-250/255-260/265-270/275-280
        Color: Black/White/Blue/Red/Khaki/Mustard/Beige
        Price: ¥18,700 tax included

        [ Event overview]

        Hi and Lo during the exhibition period. We have size samples available in white and black. There, you can try the fitting and choose the model, color, and size of your choice.

        Color models are samples only.

          Order period: July 29th (Friday) to July 31st (Sunday)
          Delivery time: Scheduled for the end of September

          Event location: struct
          Time: 12:00-20:00 (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
          Location: Sanyamato Building 1F struct, 2-3-4 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka
          Phone number: 06-6447-6030
          Email address:

          If you have any questions, please feel free to contact manager Harada via chat!

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