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marco in june

The marco model, which can be turned on or off, is a popular model among blueover.

The simple, rounded plain toe gives it a cute look at first glance, but the long, slender nose gives it a formal look when paired with a suit.

This exquisite duality is the reason why it can be used on or off.

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Work on weekdays and casual on holidays.

I want my shoes to rest while I wear them, but I end up working so hard that I don't have time to rest.

Furthermore, marco uses the brand's original waterproof leather, making it useful even on rainy days.

Waterproof leather that allows you to enjoy the look of leather

When we think of waterproof leather, we don't get a very good impression of it because a waterproofing agent is applied to the surface of the leather, giving it a flat look and staining once the waterproofing deteriorates.

marco's waterproof leather is a brand original and was created with a long-established tanner.

The waterproofing effect lasts as long as the leather is present, as it is finished by impregnating the leather fibers with the waterproofing agent rather than applying it to the surface.

The leather retains its original appearance, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the shoes as they change over time.

Built to last a long time

Marco is made using a manufacturing method that can be used for a long time because it can be worn to work, on holidays, and even on rainy days.

The sole and main body (upper) are sewn using a manufacturing method called the "McKay method" used in authentic leather shoes.

Furthermore, an EVA sole, which is used for sneakers, is pasted on to complete the product.

This blueover original sole unit can be flexibly reupholstered, allowing you to continue wearing it for a long time.

(Sole reupholstery service is available for 10,000 yen + tax for both feet)

The marco model can be worn 365 days a year, but just like people, shoes need rest.

It's so convenient that you should appreciate your efforts and give your shoes a rest in the shoe box from time to time.

If you do this, you will have a pair of shoes that will be your companion at any time, whether it's a rainy or windy day, a tough time at work, or a happy time with your lover or family.

Product details page

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date:2013.6.28 clients:lexus

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