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[Store limited] Second founding festival sacoche gift!

Just as we are soaking in the afterglow of the founding festival, special novelties exclusive to Golden Week will be released this year.

During Golden Week (April 29th to May 8th), those who purchase Blue Over sneakers (20,000 yen or more) at a Struct store will receive a velor sacoche on a first-come, first-served basis!

This sacoche was originally developed for the anniversary, but due to various circumstances, its completion was delayed. However, since it was Golden Week, I decided to plan it as a present.

This sacoche uses the same velor material as Mikey velor, creating a really nice sacoche.

This sense of size was achieved because it was a novelty item. I made it to store small items such as a smartphone, keys, and wallet. Ideal for carrying around empty-handed when traveling or walking around the neighborhood.

And above all, the texture of this velor. This sacoche is too luxurious to be considered a novelty item. This is possible because we design and create it ourselves.

There are two small pockets when the flap is opened. It can hold a small smartphone, memo pad, and keys. (My smartphone is too big to fit in, so I put it in my main pocket.)

When opened, there is a woven name. The same as the one sewn on the back of the tongue of sneakers.

The tanned leather parts are length adjustment parts. The black body has a bright tan color!

You can receive this sacoche from April 29th. I think there are probably only about 20 pieces, so if you're going to buy one, please hurry!

If you are out of stock during this period, please let the Harada manager at the store know and we will receive additional supplies in mid-May, so you may be able to receive them as soon as they arrive. Please feel free to tell me.

Also, this protruding thread is intentional . If you're concerned about it, there's no harm in cutting it off with scissors.

Also, on rainy days or when you sweat, the color of the sacoche may bleed if you keep rubbing it against your white T-shirt. Please be careful about this point.

[Sacoche gift conditions]

  • Period: April 29th (Friday) to May 8th (Sunday)
  • Location: Struct physical store
  • Purchase amount: Purchase of Blue Over products of 20,000 yen or more
  • Quantity: Approximately 20 bottles available (If you run out, please let Manager Harada know and we will deliver the additional quantity in mid-May)

This Golden Week. Please stop by when you come to Utsubo Park!

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