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Lifestyle, folk art, and occasional PUNK pop-ups

In Suzaka, a town in the northeastern part of Nagano Prefecture that prospered as a world-famous silk reeling town from the Meiji to Showa periods, there is an unusual lumber shop called Takeuchi Mokuzai Co., Ltd., which has been operating a lumber business and construction company for nearly 100 years. .

What has changed is that Takeuchi Mokuzai Co., Ltd. now has an interior design department called Take Product .

This is a common story so far, but the theme of this <Take Product> is a little strange...

“From daily life to folk art and sometimes PUNK”

oh! I don't know what the words mean, but it's a great theme.

However, if you actually see the product, I think you will understand.


Takeuchi Mokuzai Co., Ltd. will be holding a pop-up called Take Products for the first time from October 28th (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday) .

The store sells products typical of a lumber shop, such as wooden cutting boards and accessories, as well as one-of-a-kind clothing made from vintage military and workwear remade with hand prints and patchwork.

Unique products with a rebellious spirit

Based on an American military jacket from the 1980s, brightly colored military and work-style parts are arranged geometrically. A perfect one-of-a-kind item without the same pattern.
Docking jacket ¥33,000

The liner for the US military M-65 field jacket was dismantled and the shirt fabric was transplanted. The contrast between the earthy khaki quilt and the high-quality shirt fabric is interesting.
Quilted liner jacket ¥19,800

A pattern was created from a happi coat that had been used since ancient times, and it was made from Czech military tent fabric from the 1950s. The back is printed with a pattern that is a unique arrangement of the "broken lattice" symbolizing the rebellious spirit that has been passed down since the Edo period.
Happi jacket ¥38,500

Produced using American Autograph jackets from the 40s and 50s as an image source. A one-of-a-kind item painted using several methods such as hand painting, silk screen, and stencil. Comes with original rosette (badge).
Memorial JKT ¥41,800

A 2nd type jacket using vintage military tents such as those used by the Polish, Czech, and Romanian armies. Manufactured using a pattern made by L company in the 1950s.
2nd Type JKT (Tent shell) ¥63,800

This original shirt jacket is faithfully patterned after a Swedish military motorcycle jacket from the 1960s and is made from the same quality shirt material used by a certain fashion house.
Motorcycle shirt jacket ¥38,500

A cutting board made from vintage Oregon pine wood that was cut nearly 40 years ago. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, each with a slightly different shape as the craftsman looks at the growth rings and knots when creating the pieces.
Cutting board (CURVE) ¥7,700

The triangular shape, which is used as a talisman or talisman in ethnic cultures around the world, is painted with a matte texture on a matryoshka matryoshka, which is a plain material. Not only can it be used as an object, but it can also be used as a gift or as a gift.
Matryoshka ¥6,600

Take Product original clapboard made of zelkova. For festivals, live performances, and night patrols for fire prevention. It also comes with a special wooden box that can be used as an accessory to express your individuality.

This small broom is specially made from the "Tone Numata Zashiki Broom", which is designated as a hometown traditional craft of Gunma Prefecture, in Take Product's original color scheme. It was created by Naota Seki, a 95-year-old craftsman.
Kodaira type three-bead broom (Take Product x Tone Numata's zashiki broom) ¥3,300

A three-color set of wooden boxes made of solid cedar wood. The organic atmosphere of the wood and the fluorescent chemical color accent the room. The bottom is processed for easy stacking.
BOX (Neon) ¥7,700

Crochet made of MDF material. An item injected with Take Product's humor. Not only can it be used as a key neck, but it can also be coordinated as a necklace.
Crochet (3 types) ¥6,600

A director with a unique background

Take Products brings out original and rebellious products to the world, but aren't you curious about the people who make them?

The director of Take Products is Toshimitsu Takeuchi, who has been active as a designer for domestic brands and famous select shops for many years.

Afterwards, he moved to Nagano Prefecture to take over the family business, and has had a unique career as an apparel designer before becoming an interior designer and architect.

Many people may know her because she has a deep knowledge of fashion and culture, and her blog is serialized in the popular lifestyle web magazine " HOUYHNHNM ".

The content of this blog is very interesting, from high-end brands to clothes from a certain fashion center, folk crafts from all over the world, art, music, and professional wrestling.The content of this blog is HENTAI -like and would surprise even Ichiro in his active days.

His sense of aesthetics cultivated through a wealth of experience and his predilection for the things he chooses from that sense are expressed in a humorous writing style that will make you laugh.

As a side note, you introduced me, Harada, in a past blog (thank you).

By the way, two of my favorite articles are `` The Father of Hokkaido Folk Crafts '' and `` The Thing of Design .''

If you haven't read Mr. Takeuchi's blog yet, please read it before the event. I'm sure you'll make a fool of yourself.

Director Toshimitsu Takeuchi.

I'm getting a little tired of the current feeling of confinement in the world.

In order to break out of this feeling of confinement, we planned to hold a challenging event, and this is the "Take Product " pop-up.

The streets are full of mundane things, but why not take a break from your boring daily life by touching a product with a lot of spirit?



Take Product Pop-up

Date: October 28, 2022 (Friday) – November 6, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00-20:00
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays)
Location: struct
Address: Sanyamato Building 1F, 2-3-4 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
*Director Mr. Takeuchi will be in the store on Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th.

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