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blueover to read during Obon

Obon has started, how are you all spending your time?

I'm sure you are spending your time in various ways, including those who are returning home, those who are relaxing at home, and those who are working. During the Obon period, why not spend some time reading short stories from us, Blueover?

Today I would like to introduce you to various reading materials.


1: About the brand

While there are many sneaker brands out there, what kind of brand is blueover? It is written about the reason why I started blueover and the thoughts I put into the brand.

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2: Digging deeper into the brand (4 episodes in total)

Content that explains the contents of 1 above in a more in-depth manner through a conversation between designer Watari and staff member Egawa. If you want to know more about the world, read it (it's long, but...).

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3: Shoemaker's story (total of 3 episodes)

A serial project in which blueover shoe craftsman ZUCCO introduces the inside of making shoes. Although there is a lot of technical talk, the text is clear and concise, making it easy to read.

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4: Watanabe weekday essay | I like those shoes. Which shoes?
Heyday Watanabe, a daily necessities enthusiast who has serialized essays in ``LaLa Begin'' and ``Nordic Lifestyle Tool Store'', reviews blueover's Mikey. It's amazing that the tools are evaluated so well while giving a sense of everyday scenery.

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5: Story about making shoes

Designer Watari explains the process of making shoes with photos. The scenes of actual shoe factories across Japan that Watari works at are reflected in the film, giving it a sense of reality.

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6: Look up (total of 2 episodes)

A project to look at shoes from a different perspective and find new value. Atsushi Ichino is the art director, and creators from various genres are commissioned to write. Currently written by two creators. (currently updated)

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Extra edition: Mimi Soba Radio (all 3 episodes)

The blueover team appeared as a guest on the podcast "Mimi Soba Radio", which was created as part of the 11th anniversary project. Watari talks about the future blueover he envisions. (Please note that the audio may be difficult to hear because you are unfamiliar with it.)

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I tried to summarize it like this, but it seems like it's quite voluminous. I hope you will read it little by little when you have time.

Please take care of your health in this hot weather.


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story about making shoes

Explaining the process of actually making shoes with Blue Over. I hope you will know that shoes are still made this way in Japan.

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Lifestyle, folk art, and occasional PUNK pop-ups

From October 28th (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday), the pop-up label “Take Product”, which features “everyday life to folk art and sometimes PUNK”, will be held!

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