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[Event] Celebrating the release of washable bag “VEIL” - TENT’s TEMPO is coming!

The cherry blossoms are falling, and the season of fresh greenery has begun.

Another of our bag brands, LEKT, is now selling a new washable bag called VEIL at struct stores!

In line with this, from today, April 13th (Thursday) to the end of April, we will be holding a POP-UP showcasing a wide range of products from TENT , the creative unit that created VEIL !

Creative unit “TENT”

TENT Profile
A creative unit formed in 2011 by Masayuki Harita and Ryosaku Aoki. He handles everything from product planning to branding, and has worked on many hit products that are turning points for companies, such as STAN. by zojirushi, DRAW AL INE, and Frying Pan Ju. He has won numerous design awards both domestically and internationally, including Germany's iF DESIGN AWARD Gold Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD BEST100, and Red Dot Design Award.

    We have been in contact with blueover designer Watari for a long time, and we respect each other's activities, so this time we finally asked LEKT to make a bag.

    The detailed history is summarized in the content, so please read it.

    [ Washing is better than choosing (jumps to Aoki-san's note) ]

    Introducing TENT's PRODUCT


    What kind of bag does TENT want? The meeting started with a simple question. Over time, we created many samples with different materials and patterns.

    You can draw the pattern yourself, and it has the feel of a rough T-shirt, making it a backpack that you can wash and wear just like clothes.

    When we pursued the function of being washable, we also discovered the added value of being incredibly lightweight. It has a sharp look, is lightweight, and can be washed. I think that when you actually see and hold it in your hands, you will feel its unique charm even more strongly.

    Fujita Metal “JIU・ICHI・HACHI”

    Fujita Kinzoku, which opened in 1951 in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, is a long-established factory that produces products that are familiar to our daily lives, such as pots and frying pans.

    JIU iron frying pan with a removable handle.
    ICHI is a compact and portable desk light.
    Products such as HACHI, a potted plant that has a unique structure and is integrated with a saucer, are a fusion of TENT's unique ideas and designs that fit in with daily life because they are necessary tools for everyday life.

    Uenosuke Shitanosuke

    " My hobby is drinking water. "

    This transparent cup, which is an impressive copy, is made from a combination of Uenosuke (lid) and Shitanosuke (cup), which you always want to keep close by when you fill it with water.

    The uenosuke that serves as the lid (of course, you can do it the other way around) can also serve as a saucer for small snacks, or as two cups for unexpected guests.

    Trita, an impact-resistant material that looks like transparent glass, can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees, so it can withstand not only dishwashers but also cold water, hot water, and hot tea.


    I'm a lazy person, so it gave legitimacy to the act of ``cutting things up on a plate,'' which I often do.

    Just as the frying pan JIU serves as both a cooking board and a plate, this CHOPLATE, which is also a cutting board and a plate, solves the ``slight trouble'' in daily life.

    Moreover, it looks and feels quite good.

    TENT original product

    We offer a wide range of TENT's original products, including products from

    We also have a full lineup of HINGE, a staff favorite that allows you to use copy paper like a notebook!

    From full-fledged board games to unique and humorous bookmarks, there are many products that will tickle the hidden excitement deep within your heart and enrich your life.

    LEKT×TENT "VEIL" release commemoration - TENT's TEMPO POP-UP

    Event period

    Thursday, April 13, 2023 - Sunday, April 30, 2023
    Implementation content A product POP-UP designed by TENT to commemorate the release of LEKT×TENT's new item "VEIL".

    Some products will be available after the event, but please take this opportunity to see a wide range of products.

    <Information on directly managed store STRUCT>

    Location: Sanyamato Building 1F, 2-3-4 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka

    google map

    Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Business hours: 12:00-20:00

    About 10 minutes walk from the nearest station, Higobashi or Honmachi on the Yotsubashi subway line. We are located on the 1st floor of a concrete building near the intersection of Utsubo Park and Naniwasuji. Located on the north side of a large tower apartment.

    <How to visit>

    ・Customers arriving by car: Please use the nearby coin parking.

    ・Customers using the train ⇒It is very convenient to use the bus from Osaka and Namba.

    For more information is here

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