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Announcement of 12th anniversary event

Two days, April 29th and 30th. Blueover's 12th anniversary was held at the directly managed store Struct.

This anniversary is all about it! I will explain the details.

①Blueover pin badge present!

Customers who visit the store during the event period will receive an original blueover pin badge with the motif of the brand's standard model Mikey. Available in two standard colors: taupe and navy. Look forward to seeing which one you get!

It turned out cute!

②Pre-sale of setta “marso”

Now, to coincide with the start of the event, the setta sandals scheduled to be released in May, also known as "marso", will be on sale in advance during the event. This item is a collaboration item with a company that sells setta sandals in Nara. The official release will be at the end of Golden Week, so please see the store for details!

③ “TENT’s TEMPO” pop-up

The creative unit "TENT" is also holding a pop-up event, so please take advantage of this opportunity. This pop-up was developed by blueover designer Watari in collaboration with TENT. We also sell the washable backpack "VEIL" released by the brand LEKT! All of the products are so amazing that they are so much fun!

④blueover SALE

Although we can't offer that many items, we are holding a sale that includes blueover samples and B items. Sizes are limited, but if the size fits you, this is your opportunity to purchase at a discount, so please arrive early.

The image is from a past sample sale and is for illustrative purposes only.


Well, for a limited time only on the 29th, the store next to Struct is currently vacant, so we asked the owner for permission to use it for just one day, and we prepared a simple snack there. I hope you enjoy your time on the anniversary. Please understand that the interior cannot be very elaborate. On the day of the event, Manager Harada will be handing out drinks there. (It ends as soon as it runs out)
Our staff will assist you at the sales floor.

This is an image from a past anniversary event.

We are grateful to be able to hold our anniversary event again while the flow of people has returned.

Thank you for your continued support of blueover&struct!

<All the blueover staff>

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[Event] Celebrating the release of washable bag “VEIL” - TENT’s TEMPO is coming!

``TENT's TEMPO POP-UP'' is being held until the end of April to commemorate the release of ``Washable Bag VEIL'' jointly developed with the design unit ``TENT''!

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Notice of shipping fee revision

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of blueover. We will provide you with information on shipping costs for your ordered items.

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