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The brand name ``BARAILLE'' means ``barrel'' in Scottish Gaelic. Just as the ``barrel'' that encases whiskey has a great impact on its color, aroma, and taste over the years, our philosophy is that the daily wear we wear at all times is also an important element in shaping who we are. We aim to create products that express the beauty that comes from high functionality. The concept source is a whiskey distillery on a small island. We started this brand because we were moved by the people who dedicate their lives to creating the best alcoholic beverages, without compromising everything from the selection of ingredients to the manufacturing methods.

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Barail & Garments TrunksBarail & Garments Trunks
Barail & Garments Trunks Sale price¥5,500
Barail & Garments Knit TrunksBarail & Garments Knit Trunks
Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (open front)Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (open front)
Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (Front Stitch)Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (Front Stitch)