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Barail & Garments Knit Trunks

Sale price¥5,500

Description of item

Knit trunks that combine the advantages of boxer shorts and trunks into one underwear. The material is 100% American Sea Island cotton, which has inherited the DNA of Sea Island cotton loved by the British Royal Family. Highest quality extra-long cotton with a cashmere-like feel and silk-like luster.

The front buttons are made of black pearl shell with a variety of colors and a deep shine. It has an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, just like a high-quality knit polo from a British brand.

It's not as snug as boxer shorts, and it doesn't get as bulky as trunks, so you don't have to worry about wearing it with tight bottoms like a suit. This item is recommended for those who love both boxer shorts and trunks.

Product Details

・Material: Body: 100% cotton Rubber part: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane
・Country of origin: Japan ・Gift wrapping: Possible *Simple wrapping set ・Returnability: Not possible


    Size guide


    M L

    XL (not available)

    height 155-165 165-175 175-190 free
    body weight 50-65 55-75


    waist 64~74 74~84 84~94 94~104
    hip 78~90 84~96 90~102 96~108
    Barail & Garments Knit Trunks
    Barail & Garments Knit Trunks Sale price¥5,500