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Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (Front Stitch)

Sale price¥5,500

Description of item

Front-stitch boxer briefs are based on basic boxer shorts with military features added. The material is 100 % American Sea Island cotton, which has inherited the DNA of Sea Island cotton loved by the British Royal Family. The highest quality extra-long cotton has a cashmere-like feel and silk-like luster.

The fabric is milled, which is used for sportswear, and has a soft texture and elasticity like rubber. It fits your body gently and feels like you're being wrapped up in it. The elastic waistband is wrapped in the fabric of the main body, and is designed to prevent the elastic from touching your skin. Since the rubber does not come into direct contact with the skin, it is safe for people who do not like synthetic fibers or have sensitive skin. The thighs feature wide ribs similar to those found in military underwear. The wide ribs increase elasticity and reduce the difficulty of thigh movement. Also, by firmly securing it with ribs, it prevents it from riding up and makes it difficult to bite into it.

This item is recommended for those who prefer a tight-fitting design but also value ease of movement.

Product Details

・Material: Body: 100% cotton Rubber part: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane
・Country of origin: Japan ・Gift wrapping: Possible *Simple wrapping set ・Returnability: Not possible


Size guide



XL (not available)

height 155-165 165-175 175-190 free
body weight 50-65 55-75


waist 64~74 74~84 84~94 94~104
hip 78~90 84~96 90~102 96~108
Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (Front Stitch)
Barail & Garments Boxer Briefs (Front Stitch) Sale price¥5,500