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fosco grand anatomy

Fosco is a sandal with a craft feel made of genuine tanned leather. The slide type is easy to put your feet in and maintains high breathability, and the tanned leather used in the footbed suppresses unpleasant odors, making them perfect for hot weather. This season, in addition to the previous smooth leather, a wide variety of variations such as velor and double raschel have been released. This time we will introduce Fosco in detail.

What is fosco?

Fosco was first released on blueover in the spring of 2013, 10 years ago. The upper has a double layered velor structure, the footbed is made of tanned leather with stitching, and the outsole is fitted with a bilky sole. The more you wear them, the more the upper will adapt to the shape of your foot, and the soft leather on the footbed will change to create a more flavorful texture.

Smooth model made of high-quality tannin leather

And in 2021, Fosco has been reprinted with the basic design unchanged and the details reviewed. The upper pattern, bottom gauge, and material have been revised to make it slimmer than the previous model.

<2013 model on the left, 2021 model on the right>

The material has been changed from velor to smooth leather. This smooth leather was purchased from Sanyo, a long-established tanner in Himeji. This leather is called tannin leather, which is tanned with vegetable tannins, and is characterized by the fact that it becomes more flavorful as you continue to wear it for a long time. However, since it is a little hard when used as is, it undergoes a process called milling when used in Fosco. This process loosens the leather fibers and softens them, making them soft to the touch.

In addition, tanned leather takes a lot of time to produce, and the price per piece of leather is high, but the leather used here is made from unused leather that is tanned, keeping the price down. I am. It also has the aspect of upcycling.

Released as a reprint model, the Fosco made of smooth leather is a little tight when you first wear it, but the more you wear it, the more it fits your feet, ultimately creating an exceptionally comfortable fit. (It will be a little tight until you get used to it.)

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After several seasons of smooth models, this season's releases include a velor model with the same specifications as the original, and a double raschel model with high breathability.

Let's take a closer look at these two specifications.

Original specifications, velor model

The velor model is available with the same specifications as the original released in 2013 . This velor uses the same velor as Mikey, and layered two layers to add stiffness. The original material is velor, so compared to smooth shoes, they feel softer when you first put them on. The brushed feel on your feet is also comfortable.

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Double Russell model with neon colors

In contrast to the smooth and velor craft-feeling Fosco, Fosco has also been released in a neon-colored double raschel with a high-tech feel. Double Russell is a fabric that is woven with low-gauge polyester threads to create a three-dimensional effect.

Among them, we use domestically produced double raschel, which is 1 mm thicker than regular fabric, so it is characterized by firmness. What's more, the back of the fabric is lined with pigskin, making it stretchable and strong. This creates a sandal that is more breathable.

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These new models also feature a 13mm shark sole. The color is also white, giving it a lighter impression. This season, in addition to these models, the brand's first setta , the marso, was also released. We hope you will choose the perfect pair for summer.

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