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Introducing blueover “Everyone’s Mikey”

The 10th anniversary model "Everyone's Mikey" was released last year. It was well received and sold out, but it was re-released after a one-year period. For those of you who have heard of blueover for the first time through the media, I would like to tell you about the brand and everyone's Mikey.

What is blueover?

Started in 2011. Product designer Hitoshi Watari is a domestic sneaker brand that pays homage to the craftsmen of the domestic region and carries out as much of the materials, processing, and manufacturing processes as possible in Japan in order to preserve the shoemaking culture that they have accumulated. We repeatedly produce small quantities to avoid over-producing things, and we strive to reduce waste as much as possible.

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It is a characteristic of blue over shoes,

  • The shoe shape is based on the ``Japanese foot shape'' that we envision.
  • Designed to be comfortable and fatigue-free for both standing and walking movements.
  • ``Simple and durable'' design and material selection to ensure long-term wear.

We strive for functionality that the wearer needs, rather than cutting-edge technology or a luxurious appearance. We place great importance on being easy to wear and walk in, and we continue to create shoes that can be worn for a long time, regardless of the era.

The backbone of the brand “Last”

There is something called a ``last'' that is used to shape shoes. The sewn upper part of the shoe is wrapped around this last, and the sole material is pasted together to form the shoe.

↑Last prototype

↑Sewn upper

↑The one with an uppercut at the end

The last can be said to be the backbone of a shoe brand. The shape of this last determines how easy it is to wear, how easy it is to walk, and how it looks. Also, the shape changes greatly depending on the type of person you want to wear it. And if the last doesn't fit, you may feel pain when you put on the shoes, and your feet may become deformed.

In other words, the last is an important element that expresses the brand's philosophy.

So what is the last thing we created? Broadly speaking, there are two ways of thinking.

  1. The Japanese foot type is ``wide foot width and normal instep height.''
  2. The forefoot should be loose and the instep should be firmly fixed for comfort when standing and walking.

This is blueover's last idea. Rather than the "wide and high instep" concept that is relatively common in comfort shoes, the instep is just a general design. Based on what we have seen of our customers' feet, we can see that the height of the instep is normal. To ensure that your feet are comfortable when standing or walking, the forefoot has been designed to provide space so that your toes can move freely, while the instep has been designed to provide a firm hold.

Of course, this last option cannot be said to suit all Japanese people. This means that they are ideal for people with wide feet and normal insteps . On the other hand, it is not recommended for people with narrow feet or extremely high insteps. However, from my experience with customers, I can say for sure that most customers are unlikely to be able to measure the correct size. If you are unsure about the size, please feel free to contact us. You can also easily consult with us using the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

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Who is everyone's Mikey?

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the brand's establishment, and this model was born from customer requests. Based on the brand's standard "Mikey" shoe, we have changed the manufacturing method of the shoe's sole so that it can be replaced, which was the most requested feature. It became a hot topic and was featured in numerous media such as radio and magazines.


A standard model that has been sold since the brand's establishment. The upper design is made from a single piece of super-thick velor material, and the more you wear it, the more it conforms to your foot and the more the leather expresses itself.

``Everyone's Mikey'' became a hot topic upon its release, was featured on numerous radio and magazine media outlets, and was a popular model that sold out within a month of its release. For this release, we have added women's sizes, which were highly requested last time, and we have also prepared the same materials and colors as the standard model Mikey.

Sneakers with replaceable soles

Most sneakers are made using a method called cemented manufacturing, in which the upper and sole are bonded together using an adhesive. In that case, if the sole begins to wear away, it must be discarded (if you try to replace the sole, the upper may be damaged when the adhesive is removed, making it unwearable). However, ``Everyone's Mikey'' uses the Mackay manufacturing method, which is seen in men's shoes. Rather than attaching the upper and sole with adhesive, this method involves sewing a plate-shaped part called ``Ainaka'' to the upper, and then attaching the sole to it. In this case, when the sole is scraped, all you have to do is peel it off and it will not damage the upper, so as long as the inside part is not damaged, the sole can be replaced. However, this method is less productive and more expensive than the cemented method, so it is not used for sneakers.

Sneakers with replaceable soles that were unlikely to exist

Sneakers were recognized as consumable items, and there was no idea that it was possible to replace the soles. Also, from the perspective of mass-produced products, replacing soles is an inefficient process. However, in response to requests from our customers, and also from the brand's philosophy of valuing shoes that can be worn for a long time rather than being discarded, we thought that sneakers with replaceable soles were necessary, so we created "Everyone's Mikey." . Just like leather shoes and boots, we want to create sneakers that you can enjoy by ``wearing them, getting used to them, and nurturing them.''

Craft sneakers you'll want to cherish

Blue Over is a sneaker brand that has been around for 10 years, but instead of producing in large-scale factories, they produce small quantities at local factories using traditional manufacturing methods. All of these have been made by hand. However, over the next 10 years, issues facing the domestic manufacturing industry will come to the fore. To solve this problem, Blue Over will work with the goal of finding a sustainable shoe industry system.

As the name suggests, ``Everyone's Mikey'' is a person who creates, uses, and thinks. This is a pair that we all created together, and we believe that this is also the message that the brand is aiming for in the future.

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