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products styling 2023AW

products styling 2023AW

Sneakers released by blueover. ``I don't know the correct way to wear them.'' This project was launched in response to such feedback. We received advice on how to dress and suggestions for coordination from stylists who work in fashion magazines. Please use this as a reference for how you dress.


material: smooth leather

 SHV3 MC has a leather shoe sole unit with an upper designed like a retro running sneaker. An attractive pair of sneakers with a hybrid design that combines the casual ease of wear with leather shoes with interchangeable soles. Among the overall white color, the camel color of the top gives a classic and nostalgic atmosphere. The loose toe and bulging silhouette dress down the elegant and clean elements of white leather, making it easy to incorporate into your outfit even if you find it difficult to wear white shoes.

I personally like white shoes, and I often wear them on sunny days, and the cleanliness of the shoes makes me feel refreshed. These clean and easy-to-wear shoes are the perfect pair to wear on a holiday that finally arrives with a cheerful feeling.

White sneakers give an elegant and clean impression, but some people may find them difficult to wear due to the dazzling color. Therefore, in order to alleviate this insistence, we proposed a coordination centered on American casual items. The intention is to soften the statement by pairing clean items with worn-out work or military items that are slightly dirty. Of course, I think it would be interesting to pair it with vintage wear or vintage-processed items. The other items will also be easy to put together if they are simple items that everyone knows and are familiar with, rather than items that make a statement or are unusual.

 I paired it with military pants, but it would also be nice to turn it upside down and wear it with military JK pants and denim pants. However, if the denim pants are color-fastened, I think it is better to choose a military JK top that is simple and clean. Even though it stains the entire color, it is not recommended to make it too dirty.

It is a good idea to cushion the length of your pants, or choose just the right length to avoid too much bulk, giving a clean look. In the end, I want it to look a little prettier, so I wear a scarf around my neck. Instead of letting it hang down to create a glamorous look, it should be kept at the neck. She also wears rings and bracelets on her hands without being too overbearing about her use of accessories.

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material:smooth leather

 All-black sneakers have a very attractive look that can be used for both business and everyday use. If you are wearing sneakers for business, we recommend regular maintenance as the upper pattern of the sneakers is not suitable for business if the leather is too stiff. The shape of the shoes is rounded, so you can incorporate them into a neat outfit without being too harsh.

Therefore, we recommend an outfit that is not too casual even for everyday use. We recommend wearing it with a dark colored jacket or outerwear for a chic look.

 The main theme of this style is ``What kind of pants should I pair with wide silhouette shoes?''

Therefore, this time I chose pants with a slightly flared silhouette from the knee to the hem, like a boot cut. I matched the wide shoes with wide pants to make them blend well. This time, I chose nice-looking corduroy pants and wore them with a little cushion. These mature and elegant pants will not look unfashionable even if you wear them with cushioning if they match well with your shoes. However, be careful not to accumulate too much. I think one cushion or one and half cushion is the limit.

 As I mentioned in the shoe description, I would recommend a slightly prettier style with these black sneakers, so here I am imagining a so-called business casual style by pairing them with a turtleneck knit underneath a black tailored jacket. The turtleneck knit is made of a thin material that is easy to wear as an inner layer, and has an elegant high gauge, and is tucked into pants to show off the belt. This will improve your style.

The belt is made of black leather with a gold buckle, and it is also important to match the color of the watch's black strap with a gold face. I think it's nice to be dressed like this at a cafe with your computer open and working remotely.

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 The beige color is refreshing and the mark is very beautiful. The material is velor rather than suede or other leather, which is elegant and nice. A far cry from the rugged, hard, and unstylish image of outdoor boots and work boots, aren't these the perfect item for town use? The refreshing and beautiful colors and sophisticated silhouette make it easy to match with pretty outfits.

Of course, I want you to use it while taking good care of it, but even if it gets a little dirty and darkened, I think it will still look nice and tasteful. I think it's a good idea to pair it with light-colored pants, cushion the hem of the pants, or wear them short enough to make them look like boots, so they don't bunch up.

 For styling, all items were combined in light tones to match the light beige color. The main suggestions for this style are color matching and wearing outdoor items such as boots and mountain parkas as street wear.

The mountain parka is made with authentic Gore-Tex specifications, so you can easily imagine wearing it with the front closed for a sporty look in bad weather, but I think this time, which is designed for town use, would be nice to open the front and enjoy layering. Masu. If you want to open the buttons on a shirt, you should usually open the first button, but since I'm wearing striped turtlewear as an inner layer, I wanted to create a looser look, so I also left the second button undone.

I think the hem of a light blue shirt can be left out or tucked in, but since I paired it with slacks this time, I thought it would be nice to have a slightly more casual look, so I decided to leave the hem out. If you are going to take it out, it will look smarter to choose one that is short enough to peek out from your outer jacket.

 Of course, you can also wear denim pants, but here I chose light gray slacks from a coloring perspective. I think the tapered silhouette with a beautiful pant line goes well with a clean style.

Also, since it is an outdoor item proposed for street wear, wear a wristwatch. I wanted to keep the overall atmosphere intact, so I chose a silver belt type that would match the business style. I think this type is better than a sports watch or leather strap.

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 Perhaps due to the combination with the velor material, the deep black color gives this pair a very beautiful appearance. If this color were all black, the black would be too strong and would be difficult to match with clothes, but the ivory sole of these sneakers creates a balance, making them easy to match with clothes of other colors. that's right. I can't resist the fact that they have such a chic and mature impression, and even though they look like outdoor boots, they still feel like sneakers...

Like the beige one, I would definitely want to use it for town use, but since it's black, I don't think it would be a problem to wear it for light outdoor activities. And since the sole is made using the Mackay manufacturing method and is easy to replace, I think it will be used a lot more often.

 The entire design is unified with dark tones to match the black color of the boots. If I wear a dark tone all over my body, I feel like my heart will also become dark, so I paired it with an orange knit for the inner layer of the jacket. The jacket is a rare coverall with a dark green color. It's a work style that uses coveralls, but by combining it with dark tone coloring, it has a calm, sophisticated and chic style. The T-shirt sticking out from the hem of the inner knit is a focal point when matched with the white soles of the boots.

The short, thick hem of the denim pants is folded back once more so that the tops of the boots are visible. This time, I wanted the thick, short silhouette of the denim pants to look a little sharper, so I created a folded line from the single tuck at the waist to make the baggy silhouette a little sharper, and then folded the hem and made the hem slightly tapered.

The neck of the knit was a crew neck, so the neck area was a little lonely, but I decided to wrap an elegant silk scarf around the neck to keep it from looking too casual, contrary to the canvas material of the coveralls and the denim material of the pants. I did. The boots are also made of elegant velor material, so they have the effect of matching with that.

It may look a little rough since you're wearing a hat, but this hat is made of a thick material that is resistant to sparks and is perfect for outdoor activities and camping.

Coveralls, denim pants, boots, and a camping hat create a practical and authentic outdoor look.

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Stylist: Satoshi Makita A stylist who works mainly for men's fashion magazines. Specializes in styling with real clothing in mind. He loves second-hand clothing and is well-versed in outdoor wear and military items.

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