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About 3 years of free repair support

For customers who purchase WONDER BAGGAGE products from the "blueover" online store , instead of the usual 2-year repair warranty, we offer free repair for 3 years only at our directly managed stores.
Please check the link below for the specific repair process, period, and how to send damaged items.
*Move to another page. (BATON STORE)
We would like to introduce the before and after of the repair so that you can use it as a reference when making repairs. Please take a look.
If you cannot contact us using the repair form, please contact us by email at [].

Please fill in and attach the following items when contacting us by email.

・Customer name

・Product name for repair

・Purchase date

・Purchase store

・Photo of the damaged area

・Receipt or statement of delivery from the time of purchase (if available)

Please see the table below for estimates for major repairs that require a fee. We would appreciate it if you could contact us for a quote for damaged parts other than the table.

* Please see the repair costs as a guideline only. It may vary depending on the degree of damage.
*Damage caused by extreme use or accidents may not be eligible for free repair.
*Dirty stains, odors, etc. on leather or nylon due to aging are not covered by the warranty.
*Due to the specifications of some products, we are unable to repair or replace the handle. Please note.
*We may not be able to repair tears or scratches on the fabric. Please note.
*Eco bags and outlet products are not eligible for free repair.