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Choose the perfect pair yourself

A PHOLUS order event is currently being held at blueover's directly managed Struct store/WEB store.

PHOLUS is a model that uses the same Chiron last as Marco. As is typical of blueover, this model has two new faces, incorporating aspects of both sneakers and leather shoes.

First, I would like to introduce the charm of the PHOLUS model.

●Nine-tailored hand sewn

The upper, ribs, and welt are sewn using the nine-piece hand sewn technique used in high-end men's shoes.

The Goodyear welt is sewn using a pinch stitch on a sewing machine, but the nine-part hand sewn is sewn by hand.

Since there is no need for a seam allowance for a sewing machine, it is now possible to make the cork inside thinner and draw thicker benz on the inside sole. As the shoes break in, the cork and insole slowly sink in, allowing the shoes to adapt to the shape of the wearer's feet.

● Comfortable sneaker-like feel

At first glance, PHOLUS looks like a men's shoe, but it has the comfortable feel that blueover has cultivated through the creation of sneakers.

We have added 5mm sponge to the collar and tongue to reduce chafing and fatigue, resulting in a light and comfortable shoe.

Choose the perfect pair yourself.

At this order event, you can order PHOLUS's upper leather and sole in any combination you like.

  • upper leather
  • ・Horwin Chrome Excel (black/brown): 45,000 yen + tax
  • ・Oil leather (black/brown) developed with long-established tanner Sanyo: 45,000 yen + tax
  • ・Waterproof leather that continues to function semi-permanently (black/chocolate): 42,000 yen + tax
  • sole
  • ・Command pattern sole made in England, developed for mountain climbing and also used in Trickers
  • ・Dynite sole, a rubber sole made by Halboro Rubber Co., Ltd. in England, with a design that has not changed for 100 years and a dressy atmosphere.
  • ・Enjoy the comfortable feel of sneakers. EVA+Vibram sole

A total of 18 customizations are possible by combining leather and sole.

From here, we will introduce images of custom samples being worn. I took a photo wearing brown shoes that bring out the crafty side of PHOLUS's unique craftsmanship.

The voluminous Dainite sole and matte oil leather fit perfectly. Oil leather x command sole

The combination of the yellowish brown of the oil leather and the voluminous command sole creates a boot-like cohesive look.

The upper and sole both have a 100-year history. Chrome Excel x Dainite

Reddish brown chrome excel upper. The sole is matched with Dainite sole. The deep colors and dressy sole create a calm atmosphere. It blends well into dark-toned styling and also serves as a classy focal point.

Order period is until December 27th (Sunday). From the blueover directly managed store struct or the web store.

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