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BUTTERO-3 fold wallet

Sale price¥22,000

Made with Buttero leather produced by a famous tanner in Tuscany, Italy. WONDER BAGGAGE is made to take advantage of Buttero's most ideal characteristics of "strength" and "beauty."

A compact three-fold wallet that can hold bills, coins, and cards. Among them, it is distinctive that in modern times it is mainly made of cards, which are used more frequently than coins.

There is one external pocket in the card pocket that can be opened and accessed immediately. You can store frequently used cards such as credit cards.

The card pocket is equipped with a large gusset that can hold everything from bank cards to doctor's cards, point cards, and other cards that you might use.

Coin pocket has high visibility Box type.

A leather wallet with a special functionality that is ``familiar'' and worthy of using Buttero leather, which gains luster, softness, and beautiful scratches the more you use it.

BUTTERO-3 fold wallet
BUTTERO-3 fold wallet Sale price¥22,000