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BUTTERO-Round ZIP Wallet

Sale price¥26,400

Made with Buttero leather produced by a famous tanner in Tuscany, Italy. WONDER BAGGAGE is made to take advantage of Buttero's most ideal characteristics of "strength" and "beauty."

A beautiful ZIP wallet with a simple and elegant round silhouette. The shine of the metal zipper and the detailed expression of Buttero make it suitable for both on and off occasions.

The interior has a card pocket placed vertically on the right side where a coin pocket would normally be located. The layout is designed to be used primarily with cards, and is very practical in today's times. The coin pocket is box-shaped and has a high visibility.

Card pockets are arranged from multiple directions, such as the back side of the coin pocket, and have more storage capacity than the visible pockets.

The exterior is so simple that you can just admire the beauty of the leather. You can enjoy the luster, depth of color, and beautiful scratches due to aging as a scenery.

BUTTERO-Round ZIP Wallet
BUTTERO-Round ZIP Wallet Sale price¥26,400