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[Cashmere] Washable Leather Gloves Business

Sale price¥19,250

Washable horsehide leather gloves made in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, a major producer of gloves.

This model uses the reliable technology of a factory that has continued to make men's gloves and the ``washable leather'' glove that is necessary for modern life, tanned by the young tanner ``Setouchi Leather'' and uses cashmere for the lining. Appearance.

These men's gloves with classic pin tucks are a masterpiece that stands out with their high-quality leather and solid construction. It fits your hand quickly, so you can use it without stress from the beginning.
The more you use cashmere, the more its fibers loosen and become warmer and more familiar.

[Cashmere] Washable Leather Gloves Business
[Cashmere] Washable Leather Gloves Business Sale price¥19,250