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[Cashmere] Washable Leather Gloves Cycle

Sale price¥16,500

Washable horsehide leather gloves made in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, a major producer of gloves.

This model uses the reliable technology of a factory that has continued to make men's gloves and the ``washable leather'' glove that is necessary for modern life, tanned by the young tanner ``Setouchi Leather'' and uses cashmere for the lining. Appearance.

This is a WONDER BAGGAGE-like item that will be your companion for a long time.

While retaining the elegant atmosphere of men's gloves, the palm side uses a leather floor (back side) to prevent slipping even when wet in the rain. The more you use cashmere, the more the fibers loosen and become warmer and warmer.This model is suitable for bicycles, etc. as it protects your hands from the wind.