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Sale price¥4,400

Large capacity, water and stain resistant, washable, and easy to fold.

Everyday shopping. It's easy to use, of course, but if you're going to put food in it, you're also concerned about hygiene. WONDER BAGGAGE's eco bags are stain resistant and can be completely washed.

Also, when not in use, it can be stored compactly and easily using the rubber band attached to the end of the main unit. The front and back sides are made of different colored fabric, and the piping on the edges provides just the right accent, making it easy to hold for men and women of all ages.

The rubber band attached to the end of the main unit makes it easy to fold it up even when folding it carefully is a hassle. Because it is something that is used frequently, we aimed to make it easy to use without worrying about it.

SIZE: W430mm × H630mm × D130mm

ECO BAG Sale price¥4,400