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What are the major factors that differentiate casual backpacks from business backpacks?
As the name suggests, WONDER BAGGAGE's SLIM SACK has a slim gusset. Its slim appearance gives it a formal look, giving it the impression of a business backpack.

Although simple, there are two pockets on the front. The shallow pocket at the top holds batteries, business card holders, and other small items.
The deep pocket at the bottom is large enough to hold a tablet or care items.
The two pockets have different depths, so you can intuitively sort what you need, so you don't get confused when taking it out.

In addition, a hidden pocket is placed in the slit on the back. Since it is close to your body, it is a space where you can store important things such as your wallet and commuter pass. All these pockets can be used while carrying the bag on your back.

SIZE: W280mm × H390mm × D85mm
WEIGHT: Body 635g

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SLIM SACK Sale price¥25,300