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X-pac 3WAY

Sale price¥29,700

Mainly made from X-pac, a highly functional material that is lightweight, waterproof, and self-supporting. The "X-pac series" has functionality that allows you to balance business and sports. The industry's lightest 3-way briefs model, which is becoming the standard for modern businesspeople.

The main compartment opens and closes in an L-shape. A PC pocket and a mesh pocket are placed inside.

The front torso has two zipper pockets large enough to store a wallet or smartphone, and one large sub-pocket that can store shoes. The sub-pocket bulges inward, so even if you put bulky items in it, it won't affect the look.

Comes with a slit that can be attached to a trolley bag. Also suitable for business trips.

The size is larger than conventional A4 briefs, and the zipper material is a smooth Vislon zipper.

*The backpack shoulder tape is retractable. Shoulder tape for shoulder carrying is sold separately.

X-pac 3WAY
X-pac 3WAY Sale price¥29,700