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[Event] Design Studio MOTON Pop-up

It's finally a comfortable season.

For 10 days from September 15th (Friday) to September 24th (Sunday), we will be holding a pop-up event by MOTON , a design studio based in Osaka.

Moton is a design studio that focuses on space design, product and furniture design, as well as company and brand development and creative direction.

We also produce our own brand products. <Moton> continues to propose designs and ideas that we believe in.

Moton's products are experimentally produced in small numbers, with a focus on beauty over time, regardless of genre or material.

We value the delicacy and warmth created by manual manufacturing, and aim to enrich the lives of the users.

At this pop-up event, you can see almost the entire lineup of Moton items.

``MOBO' ' pursues free expression without being bound by genre or material, and is experimentally produced in small quantities by hand.

In addition, SUITAGAMA , born in a small ceramics workshop in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, is a modern ceramic series that respects the sense of handcrafting.

`` BULBOUS. '' allows you to enjoy a new side of plants while feeling nature while being close to your daily life.

Additionally, Moton designers will be in the store for two days, September 16th (Saturday) and 17th (Sunday), so please take this opportunity to visit Struct.

Don't miss out on our outstanding products that discover hidden hints in everyday life and give form to them with a sense of fun.



Date: September 15th (Friday) – September 24th (Sunday)

Time: 12: 00-20:00

Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Location: struct

Address: Sanyamato Building 1F , 2-3-4 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka

* Designers will be in store on September 16th ( Sat) and 17th (Sun)

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