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[Event] NGSM × blueover order event

For two days, October 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday), the order event for the leather shoe brand "NGSM PRODUCTS" that we wanted to introduce to everyone will finally be held for the first time in Kansai.

A custom shoe brand launched in January 2022. A popular brand that has become a hot topic among shoe lovers for its distinctive obry crust.
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The order event was held because the blueover designer learned about this brand and ordered it himself, and was attracted by its completeness and bold design concept.

About the NGSM PRODUCTS model


It has a characteristic oblique crust reminiscent of Birkenstocks, but is also finished with fine leather and stitch work, as well as a Goodyear welted leather sole. Despite being made with authentic leather shoe specifications, the design evokes a comfortable feel that you won't find in other leather shoe brands.

The only model currently available is the black outer feather plain toe, which is a classic leather shoe. The details also have a ruggedness reminiscent of military service shoes.


In the case of lasts like this, I think most shoes have soft leather or soft cushion soles in terms of specs, but this brand has the specs of a full-fledged high-end leather shoe. However, it is important to note that the details have been adjusted so as not to spoil the last shape.

The leather used for the upper is Annonay calf, and the lining is made from cow lining.

The undercarriage is made with a Goodyear welted spade sole (half midsole), which has just the right amount of volume and good burr. Due to the design of the last, the size of the rubber sole does not match, but if you have a request for rubber, please contact us at the time of ordering.

And of course, the silhouette is the biggest feature of this brand. As for leather shoes, tastes may be divided in terms of style, but I can't help but think that it is a bold design to have made them using obli crust like this, even though they have such authentic specifications among the many leather shoes. I can't.

There is no waste size, and the size is just right for the length of the last foot.

Size samples will be available for fitting during the event, so you can check them on the day.

Although it is a small detail, the shoelaces used are also distinctive. Personally, I felt that the string with plenty of wax was good because it didn't come undone even when tied.


As you can imagine, the footwear is relaxing and comfortable. There is no feeling of pressure that is typical of leather shoes, and you can easily wear them for everyday wear. Still, it's classy, ​​so you can wear it for business without any problems.

Even if you have a lot of leather shoes, I don't think you'll find shoes like this in your collection. I once again thought that this pair had a very interesting design.

NGSM shoes are recommended for people who want to relax and enjoy leather shoes on a daily basis for business, and for people who like leather shoes but are worried that they are too tight and make their feet hurt.

And this is the first order meeting in Kansai (Osaka). I would like you to take this opportunity to have a fitting.

Order event limited blueover special model

At this order event, we also received special orders based on the standard model pholus. Requested materials, tailoring, and suspension to NGSM. We offer a prestigious, higher-grade pholus.

The upper design remains unchanged, the material is Anonay, and the sole is the same as the NGSM.

The last of this pholus has been slightly adjusted to better suit Mikey's comfort than the traditional last, which disrupts the silhouette. I hope you will try it on as well.

model comparison

Left: NGSM PRODUCTS Right: blueover

NGSM × blueover order event

Date: October 14th (Sat) - 15th (Sun)

Time: 14th 12:00-20:00

15th 12: 00-19 :00

Location: struct

Address: Sanyamato Building 1F , 2-3-4 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka

instagram @ngsm_products

* Designer stores available on both days

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