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While it has the appearance of a classic running shoe, the linear pattern structure and loose last create a unique wearing experience. It also features a sole inspired by the impressive takoyaki iron plate.

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newSHV3 オレンジ×グレーSHV3 オレンジ×グレー
SHV3 オレンジ×グレー Sale price¥23,650
newSHV3 クリーム×ネイビーSHV3 クリーム×ネイビー
newSHV3 モス×ベージュSHV3 モス×ベージュ
SHV3 モス×ベージュ Sale price¥23,650
SHV3 500D GraySHV3 500D Gray
SHV3 500D Gray Sale price¥25,850
SHV3 500D BlackSHV3 500D Black
SHV3 500D Black Sale price¥25,850
SHV3 500D BeigeSHV3 500D Beige
SHV3 500D Beige Sale price¥25,850
SHV3 MC BlackSHV3 MC Black
SHV3 MC Black Sale price¥33,000
SHV3 MC WhiteSHV3 MC White
SHV3 MC White Sale price¥33,000
SHV3 RU WhiteSHV3 RU White
SHV3 RU White Sale price¥22,880