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SHV3 RU White

Sale price¥22,880

"SHORTY.V3 (SHV3)" uses the same last as "mikey", so it feels loose when you put your feet in. The upper pattern has a wide eyelet stay to soften the tightness of the foot. The insole is a cup insole, and the sole has volume while also having a 25 degree flare angle for increased stability. The outsole uses an original design outsole. The main body material is thicker raschel than before, and it goes well with the thick velor, creating a pair with a strong presence.

usual shoe size 22.5 ~23 23.5~24 24.5~25 25.5~26 26.5~27 27.5~28 28.5~29
blueover notation size 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5 27.5 28.5

Mikey last [Wise E]: Relaxed

If the size of sneakers you usually wear is between 26.5 and 27.0 cm, please choose <26.5 cm>. *I think it can be worn even by people who usually feel that 27.5cm is too big.

  • Material: velor, polyester, pigskin, EVA, rubber
  • Manufacturing method: Cemented
  • Manufacturing processing: Upper sewing, sole processing, shoemaking, made in Japan
SHV3 RU White
SHV3 RU White Sale price¥22,880

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ABOUT " SHV3 RU White "

Balanced upper design that avoids uniformity

While using the basic retro running motif, the design is focused on the linear pattern structure and the blank space created throughout the upper, creating an impression that is different from the expression of the "same type of sneaker" that is traditionally seen. .
Mass-produced sneakers tend to have a uniform look by tracing past works, but this SHV3 has been designed with a balanced design, aiming for a unique individuality.

“Takoyaki sole” that can only be produced in Japanese culture

The sole, which resembles takoyaki rather than a waffle, is a unique sole created by Japanese culture in collaboration with Tsukiji Gindako. The sole was designed by examining the pitch and height of the studs with reference to an actual iron plate, and has a sole that not only looks good but also has a rational design.
In addition, the midsole is laminated with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is lightweight and has cushioning properties that do not cause hydrolysis. The comfort of EVA can be adjusted by adjusting its thickness and hardness. This sole has a 25° flare angle to ensure stability and is designed for walking, and is characterized by being slightly harder than regular running shoes.

Japanese thick raschel material

The material used for the upper design is a functional material called double raschel, which is breathable and lightweight. Generally used for sports items, etc., this SHV3 uses domestically produced fabric that is 1mm thicker than normal double raschel. It is characterized by firm hardness and a feeling of footing.

Relaxed foot feel

The curve of the toe when viewed from above is a moderately relaxed curve, and the cross section of the forefoot is designed to be roomy. We try not to make you feel uncomfortable when you put your feet in. Designed to prevent looseness around the instep, ankle, and heel. When worn, the last is tight at the instep and heel, and loose at the toes. This is an original last that the brand is proud of, created through repeated trials with last craftsmen.

Sneakers created in cooperation with shoe-making regions in Japan

The leather, shoelaces, insoles, and soles used. and sewing, processing, and shoemaking. Blueover carries out all material sourcing, processing, and production domestically wherever possible. This is because we believe that it is necessary to continue the manufacturing and shoe manufacturing industry. Although the scale is small, we would like to continue the cycle of continuous shoe making together with local makers.

About the material

At blueover, we procure and produce domestically as much as possible for materials and manufacturing processes.

part Main material Main production areas
upper velor, smooth Himeji
lining Raised pork, beef steer Himeji
insole EVA Hyogo
shoe laces cotton flat string Shizuoka
midsole EVA Nagata
outsole rubber Nagata
Sewing/Processing/Shoemaking - Nara, Nagata, Himeji