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Mikey is a standard model that has continued since the brand's start. And kopori was born as a derivative of that, a collection that includes both models.

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NEWマイキー ブラック ブラックソールマイキー ブラック ブラックソール
NEWマイキー ブラウン ブラックソールマイキー ブラウン ブラックソール
NEWマイキー カナリアイエローマイキー カナリアイエロー
NEWマイキー ミッドナイトネイビーマイキー ミッドナイトネイビー
mikey camelmikey camel
mikey camel Sale price¥22,880
mikey blackmikey black
mikey black Sale price¥22,880
mikey navymikey navy
mikey navy Sale price¥22,880
mikey taupemikey taupe
mikey taupe Sale price¥22,880
Everyone's Mikey CamelEveryone's Mikey Camel
Everyone's Mikey Camel Sale price¥27,500
Everyone's Mikey BlackEveryone's Mikey Black
Everyone's Mikey Black Sale price¥27,500
Copoly nylon camelCopoly nylon camel
Copoly nylon camel Sale price¥22,880
Copoly nylon blackCopoly nylon black
Copoly nylon black Sale price¥22,880
Copoly nylon whiteCopoly nylon white
Copoly nylon white Sale price¥22,880
copoly velor graycopoly velor gray
copoly velor gray Sale price¥22,880
copolyvelor purplecopolyvelor purple
copolyvelor purple Sale price¥22,880