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mikey tote

Sale price¥19,800

A handbag created from the same philosophy as Mikey. Luxurious design made entirely of velour, the same material as Mikey. The exterior is simply finished with one zipper pocket and minimal decoration. The distinctive feature is the handle that looks raised from underneath the leather on the exterior, which is also a feature of Mikey's design, and is a detail that can be expressed because it is made from a single piece of leather. This part gets better as you use it, which makes it a pleasure to use. The interior is carefully lined with lining, and the top opening is wrapped with tape to give it some stiffness. It also has a pocket sized to hold a smartphone or wallet, and comes with a removable bottom plate.

*Dark-colored velor may transfer color to white shirts due to friction. Also, please note that it transfers more easily when wet.

Size: W430mm x H300mm x D160mm

    • Material: Velor, cotton
    • Manufacturing processing: Made in Japan
    mikey tote
    mikey tote Sale price¥19,800

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    ABOUT " mikey tote "

    Ideas you'll want to use in simple designs

    mikey tote is a tote bag made entirely of the same velor material used in the standard model Mikey. Originally, the handles and other parts were made of different leather, but this tote uses a luxurious material made from a single piece of material on the front and back. Tape is laid under the velor, which not only provides strength, but also leaves traces of tape on the surface as it is used. We have incorporated ideas that you can use into the simple exterior.

    elaborate interior

    Despite its simple exterior, the interior is well-crafted. The velor exterior matches the twill cotton of the same color as the interior, and there are two open pockets large enough to hold a smartphone, etc. To prevent the top from losing its shape, tape is placed over the top and closed with a snap button.

    Super thick velor material that will surprise even leather professionals

    The velor used in Mikey Tote is made of rare velor material that is over 2mm thick. Due to its thickness, which even expert leather wholesalers are surprised by, there is no need for reinforcement such as lining, which is normally required, and it is flexible and strong. The velor material is easy to maintain and can be worn and grown for a long time.
    *The image above is common velor. The leather underneath is the velor used for Mikey Tote.

    One zipper pocket on the exterior and two open pockets on the interior

    Although we aim to keep the design as simple as possible, we have placed one zipper pocket on the exterior for ease of use. You can put your wallet, smartphone, etc. There are also two open fishing pockets on the interior. It is also possible to store something the size of a smartphone.

    The bottom plate and bottom studs are arranged so that you don't have to worry about it when you put it down.

    A removable bottom plate is included to prevent the bottom from losing its shape when you put heavy items in the bag or when you pack a lot. There are also 4 studs on the bottom to prevent the velor from getting dirty when you put your bag on the ground when you go out. These bottom studs and the included bottom plate prevent the velor from touching the ground directly.

    About the material

    At blueover, we procure and produce domestically as much as possible for materials and manufacturing processes.

    part Main material Main production areas
    upper velor, smooth Himeji
    lining Raised pork, beef steer Himeji
    insole EVA Hyogo
    shoe laces cotton flat string Shizuoka
    midsole EVA Nagata
    outsole rubber Nagata
    Sewing/Processing/Shoemaking - Nara, Nagata, Himeji