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``Fors'' is a model that combines the best of both leather shoes and sneakers. Adopts the prestigious Goodyear manufacturing method. If you take care of it and keep replacing the soles, you will be able to use it for a lifetime. Goodyear shoes are stiff at first, but as you break in, the cork and insole slowly sink, creating a shoe that fits the wearer's feet. The sole unit is made of lightweight, cushioned EVA and made by Vibram, providing a light, sneaker-like feel.


Chiron last [D]: Slightly thinBased on the Mikey last, it incorporates the silhouette of men's shoes, giving it a sharp and formal impression. [Wise D]. If the size of sneakers you usually wear is between 26.5 and 27.0cm, we recommend <27.5cm>.

  • Material: Steer (waterproof), Steer, EVA, vibram (#8338)
  • Manufacturing method: Mackay
  • Manufacturing processing: Upper sewing, sole processing, shoemaking, made in Japan

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ABOUT " Fors "

The crystallization of craftsmanship

A shoe factory that produces waterproof steer leather made with a long-established tanner, and Goodyear, which has become rare in Japan. A processed sole factory that has been making sneaker soles for many years. A pair of shoes that are the crystallization of the technology created by craftsmen who have been dedicated to making shoes in Japan. The upper design uses the eternal classic plain toe, making this model easy to match with any style, whether formal or casual. It has become the brand's flagship model that can be worn forever and beyond the times.

This model, which takes time and effort to create, is produced in small quantities, so it can be customized using Horween's Chrome Excel, or the sole material is Dynite or Command sole. (Orders accepted at regular order meetings)

Sneakers using the Goodyear manufacturing method

This pair was made possible by working with one of the few factories in Japan that can use the Goodyear manufacturing method. Finish by sewing the upper and welt onto the ribs (tape-like) attached to the inner sole of the Bens. Since the upper body and sole are not directly sewn together, there is little damage to the upper when replacing the sole, so you can use it for a long time. The sole unit is laminated with an EVA processed sole that fully utilizes the know-how of sneaker soles.
It combines the solid feel and robustness of Goodyear manufacturing, yet provides the comfort of sneakers.

Subtle sneaker elements

Although they are leather shoes, the Fors shoes have a comfortable construction that gives them the casual feel of sneakers. A 5mm sponge is inserted in the collar and tongue to reduce chafing and fatigue, and a cup insole is used, and the sole unit is made of EVA and Vibram sole for high cushioning. The know-how of making sneakers is sprinkled in areas that are hard to notice.

Pattern design that follows the foot

Although the design is the most standard outer wing type plain tow, the pattern is designed to be asymmetrical in a way that is invisible to the naked eye. The reason is that the craftsmen make adjustments at the millimeter level to follow the shape of the human foot. By doing so, you can achieve a better fit when you put your feet in. For this model, I redrawn the pattern many times, added additional samples, and repeated samples until I was satisfied.

Attention to detail in materials

Waterproof steer leather created with a long-established tanner that has been around for 100 years. It does not have the flat look of waterproof leather, but maintains the look of solid genuine leather, and with the same care as regular leather, you can enjoy its aging. You can feel safe even in case of sudden heavy rain. The midsole uses benz, which is considered to be particularly heavy and high quality among tanned leather, and cork material is placed inside Goodyear, which is invisible. Steer leather is also used for the inner material (lining). Plenty of high-quality materials are used not only in the visible parts, but also in the invisible parts. All of this is to ensure that you can wear it for a long time. This is because we hope that those who are accepted will form a lifelong relationship with us.

About the material

At blueover, we procure and produce domestically as much as possible for materials and manufacturing processes.

part Main material Main production areas
upper velor, smooth Himeji
lining Raised pork, beef steer Himeji
insole EVA Hyogo
shoe laces cotton flat string Shizuoka
midsole EVA Nagata
outsole rubber Nagata
Sewing/Processing/Shoemaking - Nara, Nagata, Himeji